One of the first manís need is writing, which means transmit things, events and thinking to descendants. In fact, he starts scratching rocks thus creating long-lasting graffiti.
Subsequent evolutions have been: clay tablets, papyrus, palm leaves and then paper, in an attempt to make thinking transmission easier. Paper enabled to retain history, the work of great philosophers, scientists, historians, and great artists masterpieces for ourselves through the centuries.

ďLet us just consider the devotion with which in scriptoria monks wrote pages and pages over, or copyists of religious rule codex. Let us just notice the unique beauty of miniated codex capital letters that have been arranged in detail, showing fantasy phyto-morphological shapes and artistic decorations. Here we have proof of the devotion to hand-written copying, since this formal preciousness guarantees its uniqueness.

When listening to Cinzia Paraboschi during an interview to a major national newspaper, we can imagine these monks sitting in a monastery room and writing on ancient big pages. This is highly fascinating.

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